Winston Chung Global Energy Center



To advance solutions for today’s energy storage demands, while developing far-sighted energy storage, generation, and distribution research and energy-use strategies for tomorrow’s applications.


Bridging the gap between industry and academia, the center will address energy generation, storage, and distribution needs and issues contributing to the economic, social, and environmental health of communities around the world.


• Foster a premier academic environment of research and discovery in sustainable energy, with a focus on storage issues;
• Educate a diverse and distinguished engineering workforce that is dedicated to addressing global energy needs;
• Offer tools and training that will increase the capacity of public and private planners, architects, engineers, utilities and developers to design and build energy-efficient community projects;
• Build partnerships with global organizations and businesses to foster clean energy storage solutions; and
• Inspire leadership and community to take action to address energy storage issues in California and the world.

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