Winston Chung Hall's 1.1 MW Green Battery

WCGEC green battery

One megawatt-hour of battery energy storage is located in Winston Chung Hall. When there are periods of insufficient solar power generation, the batteries distribute their stored energy into the electric grid.

WCGEC Lab B in Bourns Hall

WCGEC Lab B in Bourns Hall

The Winston Chung Global Energy Center Lab B is located in Bourns Hall on campus.


  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • Battery Cyclers
  • Biologic Multi-Channel Potentio/Galvanostat
  • Electrospinning system
  • Agilent B1505A Power Device Analyzer
  • Glove Box
  • Newport Light source, Monochromater, & Chopper
  • Photoelectrochemical Cell
  • Near-field Electrospinning system


Unlimited access for UCR users is recharged on a quarterly basis for $600 for the PI's entire group. 
Access to the Raman is on an hourly recharge basis. Current rates are $8.00/hr for instrument time.

WCGEC users will also receive a 15% discount on XRD services through Materials Science and Engineering. For more information on accessing this service, please visit  https://www.mse.ucr.edu/facilities/xrd


For questions or information regarding the Winston Chung Global Energy Center lab facilities, please contact the Lab Manager:


Documents for internal UCR users: 

Authorization and Training Certificate Form

WCGEC Lab Policies and Regulations