On-Campus Facilities

The Winston Chung Global Energy Center (WCGEC) is an approximate 2,400 sq. ft. shared research facility in the Bourn’s College of Engineering. It offers its' users tools for various material fabrication, characterization & testing, and device integration. For battery related research, the facility houses a controlled atmosphere glove box workstation equipped with a coin cell press. Two separate battery cyclers (Arbin 40-channel; Neware 48-channel) are also available for performance testing. Additionally, users can be trained to operate any of the four environmentally controlled electrospinning systems to create micro- or nanofibers of their choice of material; a custom-made near-fear electrospinning system is also accessible to create precise patterns of fibers. The availability of two 3-heat zone tube furnaces allows users to equip their own tubes for specific chemical vapor type reactions. High-temperature processing is possible using either the Allwin21 Rapid Thermal Annealer, on substrates as wide as a 6-inch wafer, or a box furnace for more general samples. Material and/or device characterization can be achieved with our multi-modal AFM (Asylum Research MFP-3D), Horiba Raman Microscope, Custom Hall measurement system, temperature-controlled Karl-Suss probe station, BioLogic Potentiostat, Custom Seebeck measurement. Other instrumentation includes a wire bonder, custom-electrode screen printer, environmental chamber, filtered light box, and polishing station with low-speed precision sectioning saw.


Winston Chung Hall's 1.1 MW Green Battery

WCGEC green battery

One megawatt-hour of battery energy storage is located in Winston Chung Hall. When there are periods of insufficient solar power generation, the batteries distribute their stored energy into the electric grid.

WCGEC Lab B in Bourns Hall

WCGEC Lab B in Bourns Hall

The Winston Chung Global Energy Center Lab B is located in Bourns Hall on campus.


  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • Battery Cyclers / Battery Test System
  • Biologic Multi-Channel Potentio/Galvanostat
  • Electrospinning system
  • Agilent B1505A Power Device Analyzer
  • Glove Box
  • Newport Light Source Monochromater
  • Photoelectrochemical Cell
  • Near-field Electrospinning system
  • CTI-Cryogenics Helix Technology Compressor
  • Electromagnet
  • Rapid Thermal Annealer
  • RAMAN (Horiba)
  • Tube Furnace
  • Thermolyne Box Furnace
  • Rotating Disk Electrode
  • Cuvette Holder Adapter
  • Spectrometer
  • Liquid Dielectric Constant Meter
  • Interfacial Tensiometer
  • Isotemp Bead Heater
  • Round Bottom Flask Heater
  • Sonicator Bath
  • Laser interferometer


Unlimited access for UCR users is recharged on a quarterly basis for $600 for the PI's entire group. 
Access to the Raman is on an hourly recharge basis. Current rates are $8.00/hr for instrument time.

WCGEC users will also receive a 15% discount on XRD services through Materials Science and Engineering. For more information on accessing this service, please visit  https://www.mse.ucr.edu/facilities/xrd

For lab access requests during UCR's Research Ramp-Up for COVID-19, please send email to wcgeclab@gmail.com. Please be prepared to complete our "Research Ramp-Up Authorization Form" and provide documentation of your approval from the Dean Office to access campus.


For questions or information regarding the Winston Chung Global Energy Center lab facilities, please contact the Lab Manager:

Documents for internal UCR users: 

Authorization and Training Certificate Form

WCGEC Lab Policies and Regulations