Dr. Nazaripouya awarded $939k award with CEC

Dr. Hamidreza Nazaripouya, affiliated faculty of Winston Chung Global Energy Center (WCGEC) and Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University, was selected for a three-year, $939,232 agreement with the California Energy Commission (CEC) for his proposal entitled “Residential Solar+Storage Control Unit for Providing Grid Services and Demand Side Management” in collaboration with Alfredo Martinez-Morales (affiliated WCGEC researcher), Grid Alternatives, and Oklahoma State University.

The purpose of this Agreement is to fund demonstrations to evaluate the operations that residential energy storage systems can provide, including the development of new grid

harmonization capabilities, at a minimum of fifteen different residential sites that reside in a minimum of three different climate zones, including coastal, central valley, and northern California. This new technology developed under this project seeks to reduce energy consumption with no impact on consumers’ comfort by enabling Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR), which allows reduction of feeder voltage close to the minimum allowable voltage level. This Agreement will lead to technological advancement and breakthroughs to overcome barriers to the achievement of the State of California’s statutory energy goals by maximizing the value of energy storage systems to residential customers and the grid by optimizing the participation in the demand side management and grid service simultaneously.