Current and Future Horizon for Energy Storage Industry


In this panel the speakers discussed the current state and the roadmap for adoption of energy storage technologies. The discussions included the current challenges facing this industry and the path to effectively overcome the barriers, as well as the opportunities for energy storage. In addition, it described the role of policy, technology, and business advancements for accelerating the energy storage market, and growing its benefits. The session started by Mr. Rahul Chopra’s talk on “Energy Storage – Disrupter of energy sector”. Rahul, the Leader of Grid Integration Group at the Energy Storage & Distributed Resources Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, discussed about the barriers and roadmap for grid integration of energy storage addressing some of the existing challenges of power grid. He listed the grid market necessities and technical requirements for energy storage. Based on these requirements, he emphasized the need for further research and development on next generation of battery energy storage, packing and integration as well as characterization, modeling and operation. The session continued by presentation of Mr. Ed Cortez, the principal electrical engineer at Riverside Public Utility (RPU), on “Energy Storage at Riverside Public Utilities”. Ed talked to us about benefits and applications of energy storage at distribution system. He explained the benefits of energy storage to RPU through four categories including 1) Power Distribution System Support such as voltage regulation, 2) Distribution Upgrade Deferral 3) Distribution Equipment Life Extension, and 4) Substation On-site Power.