Grid and Applications of Battery Energy Storage


During the first panel, moderated by Mr. Erik Bakke, Senior Account Executive at EnerNOC- an Enel Group Company, the speakers discussed their experiences and viewpoints on successful implementations, the promising applications, emerging markets, significant values, and innovative advancements in integration of energy storage technologies. The discussions also included the breakthroughs that enhance the performance, lower the costs, and improve the economics of energy storage. In specific, Mr. Kent Redwine talked about a vision for new energy by leveraging technology and building vertical integrated manufacturing facility to achieve significant cost savings solution. Dr. Seyed Madaeni focused on integration of distributed energy resources in competitive electricity markets. He started with explaining the existing challenges with today’s grid. Then he introduced energy storage as an effective solution to benefit both utilities and host clients. He continued with describing how economically optimize the operation of energy storage systems across multiple revenue streams to harness maximum value. Dr. Antonio Tong talked about integration, testing and valuation of energy storage systems within a microgrid. He demonstrated economic valuation of energy storage system in stack applications by presenting a case study. Finally, Mr. Michael Lee presented a case study of control systems that enable value-stacking with multiple stakeholders including ISO, Utility, and end-use customers. He also shared some lessons learned and execution considerations for energy storage integration in front of the meter.