Alternative and Innovative Energy Storage Technologies


The focus of panel 2 was on developing, demonstrating, and commercializing novel technologies of alternative energy storage, including fuel cells, thermal storage, compressed air energy storage, supercapacitors and other non-battery-based energy storage technologies. This panel was moderated by Mr. Jin Noh, Policy Manager at California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA). Mr. Matt Gregori started the panel by introducing Power-to-Gas technology as a way to store large amount of energy for long durations. He summarized some of the advantages of this type of energy storage, and concluded his talk by demonstrating highlights of a real-world project. Prof. Pirouz Kavehpour gave an overview on different energy storage technologies including a comparison based on energy and power capacity, performance, efficiency and cost. Then he focused on Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES), challenges and promises. He presented a modified hybrid Thermal-CAES design and showed how it could maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost. The last but not least speaker in this panel, Mr. David Lentsch illustrated the practical use of supercapacitors in grid and microgrid for applications which require high power density, Fast response, and repetitive cycling. He also showed how hybrid energy storage systems including supercapacitor and battery can optimize and expand stacked grid services.